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Public transport

Dresden has a very well-structured public transport system.

It is possible to use trams, buses, commuter railways, ferries or taxis in Dresden. For longer trips there is also the railway system.

Trams and buses

Trams and buses are run within the city by the Dresden Public Transport Service and regionally by the Oberelbe Transport Network. On their websites the companies display the entire network, all timtables and connections. You can plan your journey according to your own individual requirements here. You can also find information about departure times at every bus or tram stop. You can buy tickets at the stops, on the trams or buses and at service points. You must then stamp your tickets in the machines on the vehicle. If you use public transport often, it is advisable to buy a multiple-trip ticket, a monthly ticket or a yearly ticket. Do not ride without a ticket as checks are often made. If you are caught without a valid ticket you'll have to pay a fine.

  • Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
  • Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe (Upper Elbe Regional Transport)


In Dresden and its surrounding area you can also travel by commuter rail. Connection information can be found at the above-mentioned sites and at Deutsche Bahn, where all of the longer connections of Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) are also available, for example the Inter City Express (ICE), Intercity (IC), Eurocity (EC) and Interregio (IR) train lines.

Information is also available at the Reisecenter (Travel Centres) in the Dresden Hauptbahnhof (main station) and the Dresden Neustadt station, as well as on the hotline 0800 1 50 70 90.


Another possible mode of personal transportation is the taxi. It's not usual to stop a taxi by motioning from the side of the street as it drives by, but rather to go to a taxi rank or stand, which are found all over the city. You can also call for a taxi using the hotline +49 (0351) 21 12 11 or order one online at Taxi Dresden. Taxi rates are comprised of a basic rate (2.50 EUR) plus the rate per kilometre (1.50 EUR per kilometre).

Driving licence

In order to drive an automobile in Germany it's necessary to have a licence which must be with you at all times while driving.

Temporary stay in Germany

If you have a valid national or international driving licence, you may drive those vehicles in Germany which your licence permits. This is true even if you have not reached the legal age for driving in Germany.

It's not necessary to get a translation of an international licence. This is not the case with national licences. National licences must normally be translated if issued

  • in a country which is not a member of the EU or EEA
  • in a language other than German
  • in a country that does not comply with the agreement on road traffic

Exceptions are Andorra, Hong Kong, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Switzerland and Senegal. The translation must always be with you when driving.

Lengthy stay in Germany

If you have a licence from a member state of the EU or EEA, it is also valid in Germany until it expires. If your licence is no longer valid after your transfer of residence to Germany because of the above-mentioned limitations, you can still drive for six more months in Germany. You must file for an extension of your licence in this time period.

If your licence was not issued by an EU or EEA country, it is still valid in Germany for six months after your move. After this time your driving permit is no longer recognised and a licence issued in Germany is required. The requirements to obtain a German driving licence depend on the country where your licence was issued. Please contact your driving licence office in good time to obtain a driving licence. Driving a vehicle with a foreign licence not recognised in Germany is considered the same as driving without a licence and is punished accordingly.


Many streets in Dresden have cycle paths, which allow you to cycle easily through the city. The Elbe cycle path, which runs east to west through the entire city area from the source of the Elbe in the Czech Republic to Mündung near the North Sea, is especially popular.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

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