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DWC tasks

Are you a non-EU citizen living in Dresden and completing a doctorate or working as a professional? Welcome to the Dresden Welcome Center (DWC)! We’re your point of contact for all questions concerning residence permits, and have already compiled some general information for you on our website.

We’ll be happy to offer you detailed advice if you apply in person. Please note that we work with an appointment system, to ensure we have sufficient time to address your concerns.

We also answer short enquiries by e-mail or in person when you visit our service area.

Fast-track procedure for skilled workers 

The  fast-track procedure for skilled workers in accordance with Section 81a of the Residence Act is carried out by the Entry Section, which you can reach by e-mail. Information can be found here

Please note the following information

 Dear Sirs and Madams,

Due to a very high volume of inquiries, we ask for your understanding:

1. Examinations for the issuance of a work permit when taking up a job or changing jobs can take several weeks. The processes at all authorities involved are currently stalling considerably due to the large number of concerns.

 If you want to take up employment, please inform us as early as possible via e-mail and send us the following documents:

  • your vocational qualification or university degree with Transcript of Records
  • the employment contract (at least as a draft), and
  • the Declaration of Employment 


2. If you move to another city in a timely manner to take up employment, please apply for a work permit at the new Immigration Office. At the moment, the Dresden Welcome Center has a lead time of several months and cannot solve short-term concerns in a timely manner.


3. For each interview an appointment is necessary, which you can arrange by e-mail. Please ask for dates for declarations of commitment under