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Fast-track procedure for skilled workers

On 1 March 2020, the Skilled Labour Immigration Act comes into force. Companies and specialists from third countries will then have the opportunity to fast-track the immigration process in order to take a job. To do this, a concrete job offer must have been made. The legal basis for this is the fast-track procedure for skilled workers as per Sect. 81a AufenthG (Residence Act).

If a company wants to employ a skilled worker from outside Germany within the federal territory, the following conditions must be fulfilled.
The fast-track procedure for skilled workers is intended for foreign workers who will be employed in one of the listed positions.

You can find further information and forms on the webpage of the Saxon State Ministry and at Make-it-in-Germany. As an alternative to the fast-track procedure for skilled workers, the regular immigration and visa process for employment purposes can be chosen.