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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you find important information is missing on our website, you are welcome to contact us directly.

Questions about residence permits

Does it interfere with my residence permit if I receive unemployment benefits?

Unemployment benefit I is an insurance benefit financed by social security contributions as part of an employment contract. Anyone who has worked for at least 12 months over a 2-year period, and has been subject to social insurance during this time, is entitled to this benefit. For further information, please contact the German Federal Employment Agency.

Unemployment benefit II is a government social benefit to help support livelihoods. Receiving this benefit impedes residency rights for studies or employment, i.e. it results in the expiry or termination of residency rights.

The licensing authorities need a certificate of my place of residence in Germany. Where may I get this?

The certificate may be obtained at the Immigration Office branch or the Dresden Welcome Center for a fee of 18 euros. Please visit in person during opening hours, bringing the fee, your passport, and your residence permit with additional page.