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Letters of undertaking

Declarations of commitment are accepted by the Team "Einreise" in Theaterstrasse during an appointment. You will receive an appointment to submit a declaration of commitment via

As part of a letter of undertaking, a private individual agrees to reimburse the German state for all public funds spent on the living expenses of a foreigner - including the provision of housing and in the event of illness or nursing care - and any travel costs. This obligation is valid for five years.

Please note that the person who undertakes to do so must always appear in person and that the guest must enter the country within six months after a letter of undertaking has been submitted.
The letter of undertaking by a person living in the Federal Republic of Germany is generally accepted by the immigration authorities that is responsible for the intended place of residence of the foreigner. If the person submitting the letter of undertaking has his or her habitual residence in the district of another immigration authorities, the latter accepts the letter of undertaking and the necessary proof by way of administrative assistance and forwards it without delay to the competent immigration authorities. It is also only possible for one person to submit a letter of undertaking. Joint and several liability (e.g. with the spouse) is generally not provided for.

We offer three possibilities of an invitation: