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Family reunification

If you have a residence permit in Germany, your spouse may be granted a residence permit in accordance with Sect. 30 AufenthG or your child may be granted a residence permit in accordance with Sect. 32 or Sect. 33 AufenthG.

If the minor child is older than 16 at the point of reunification and does not come to live with you as parents or a parent with sole legal custody at your principal residence in Germany, reunification can only take place if your child is proficient in German or their integration in Germany is guaranteed.

Your adult children can only gain a residence permit for family reunification on the basis of Sect. 36 para. 2 AufenthG in cases of exceptional hardship. The same applies to other family members who are not your spouse or children.

Please take note:

For the issuance of a residence permit for family reunification, foreign marriage or birth certificates must be verified. It may be necessary for them to be further authenticated in the form of a legalisation or apostille. The form your documents require can be checked using the Hague Apostille Convention or on the website of the German embassy in the country where the documents were issued.

In some countries (e.g. India) there are no additional authentication procedures. If necessary, a lawyer will check the authenticity of the document. Please clarify this point with the staff of the German embassy when applying for a visa.