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Recognition of professional qualifications

Germany is looking for skilled workers and gives you as a foreigner the opportunity to obtain recognition of your foreign professional qualifications within the framework of Sect. 16d of the Residence Act for up to a maximum of 24 months. This is necessary in order to practise a regulated profession. These include, for example, professional activities as a doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, engineer or teacher.

If you have acquired a professional qualification abroad, the equivalence of your foreign qualification with the German qualification must first be established for a regulated profession. Before it is not allowed to take up employment in Germany.In addition, you must prove certain qualifications within the scope of an examination.

Different authorities or chambers are responsible for carrying out the recognition procedure, depending on the profession in question. If you have successfully passed the process you will be admitted to one the regulated professions.

For doctors and pharmacists, we have prepared an information sheet (only in German) explaining the approval procedure and the contemporaneous legal residence processes.

The IQ (integration through qualification) network will be happy to advise you on these questions.