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Employment for "tolerated" persons

As a foreigner with exceptional leave to remain, you can obtain a residence permit to exercise a skilled profession which requires at least two years of Training.

In addition, you must have living space and sufficient knowledge of the German language (language level B1). Moreover, you must not have been convicted in Germany of an intentional criminal act. You must have no connection to extremist or terrorist organisations.

If foreigners with exceptional leave to remain (“tolerated” status) have successfully completed a vocational training course in Germany, a permanent residence permit will be issued for two years. In this case, no verification is made as to whether

  • any deliberate deception of the immigration authorities has taken place regarding circumstances that are relevant to your residence status, or
  • any official measures to terminate your residence have been intentionally delayed or obstructed.

In all other cases both these aspects are always checked. The residence permit will also be revoked if the employment contract is invalidated for reasons due to the foreign citizen, or if an intentional offence leads to a punishment of more than 50 or 90 day-fines.