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Intra-corporate transfer (ICT)

This residence permit is based on the European ICT Directive (ICT – intra-corporate transfer) and regulates the secondment of foreign managers, specialists and trainees who are sent by a company headquartered outside the EU to a company division within the EU.

Therefore you will receive an ICT Card in the EU Member State in which you are to spend the longest period of time working for your company.

The ICT Card will be issued for the duration of the Transfer and to a maximum of three years. Trainees receive a residence permit up to one year at most. You can then also work for your company at company locations in other EU Member States for a limited period on the basis of an ICT Card.

In case of the so-called short-term mobility you are able to work for up to 90 days at another EU location of your company within a 180-day period without a further new residence title (Sect. 19a AufenthG).

If you wish to work at a EU branch of your company for longer than 90 days, you will require a Mobile ICT Card (Sect. 19b AufenthG).

Further information on the necessary procedure is also provided by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Please note:

If the requirements for issuing an ICT Card are met, you must also apply for one. You do not have the option to use another residence title.

However, this also means that you must enter the country on a visa for an ICT Card. Any privileges for visa-free entry are completely excluded!