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Regular employment

Germany’s jobs market is only open to foreign citizens of third countries with restrictions. As per Sect. 18 AufenthG, to remain in the federal territory and engage in self-employment or employment (economic activity) you need a residence title and a work permit linked to the residence title.

Fundamentally, it is up to the immigration authority, in collaboration with the specialist authority for the German jobs market – the Federal Employment Agency – to decide on the extent of possible economic activity.

In cases where a residence title is issued for the first time as per Sect. 18a AufenthG (skilled worker with vocational training qualification) or Sect. 18b para. 1 AufenthG (skilled worker holding a university degree) to persons who have passed the age of 45, it is a fundamental requirement

  • that the salary must correspond to at least 55% of the annual assessment limit for statutory pension insurance (2023: 48.180 euros gross/year, 4.015 euros gross/month) or
  • the foreign citizen must provide proof of adequate pension coverage*.

* Adequate pension coverage is provided if it can be foreseen that, on pension age, suitable income or assets will be available to meet the costs of living without state support (basic income).

Conditions for the right of residence

  • You must have a concrete job offer for skilled employment.
  • The Federal Employment Agency must approve the skilled employment, if approval is necessary and no grounds for refusal as per Sect. 40 para. 2 and 3 AufenthG exist.
  • A professional license must have been issued or confirmed, if this is necessary to engage in work.
  • The equivalence of the foreign professional qualification must have been determined or 
  • you must have a recognised foreign university degree or one comparable to a German university degree.